SAP® jobs management should not be a big challenge anymore

The Problem

Background jobs are the backbone of all SAP® activities. Having thousands of jobs running in your SAP systems daily there is no comprehensive solution for job’s analysis, control and optimization.

  • To solve problems SAP® experts have first to be able to detect them

    Existing SAP® tools leave a big gap in ability to understand trends, analyze history and predict future failures

  • Critical aspects of job’s behavior are inaccessible via existing SAP® tools

    Ability to go from “500 feet height” overview to a detailed analysis while focusing on anomalies cannot be achieved with the mere help of existing SAP® tools and transactions.

  • Lack of root-cause analysis is a major reason for inefficiency, time loss and
    SAP® overload

    SAP® team members are struggling on a daily base to respond quickly and efficiently to job’s related problems. These recurrent tasks turn to be quite costly, also affecting the quality of service, provided by IT.

The Solution

Skywind JAM™ – a SaaS service that analyzes SAP® background jobs was created to help SAP® Basis teams to facilitate their daily routines, having an eagle vision of trends and problems, while performing quick root-cause analysis, provided by Skywind JAM™ Augmented Analytics Engine.

Skywind JAM™ contains rich out-of-the-box library of KPI cards, sophisticated filters, multiple levels of drill down from trends to detailed analysis, ability to save and share findings and option to keep jobs related history forever, making JAM™ a state-of-the-art solution for SAP® background jobs optimization.

  • So on what questions can Skywind JAM™ Augmented Analytics Engine answer?
  • Which jobs are redundant (duplicated or overlapping)?
  • Which jobs are obsolete or about to become obsolete soon?
  • Which jobs are about to become invalid and for what reason?
  • What jobs run longer and longer over time?
  • When CPU/RAM/WP peaks occur and which jobs pose the most burden on the system?
  • Which jobs were permanently deleted from the SAP system/s?
  • What changes have been made to a job and what was the cause?
  • What jobs are failing multiple times in a row over and over again and why?
  • Which jobs are constantly delayed and why?
  • Who and when updated which jobs?

…and much more…

Below we present examples of JAM™ KPI Cards and consequential drills to details


Skywind JAM™ KPI Cards

KPI Cards allow to analyze trends and perform multiple drills to various aspects of Job details:

  • KPI Cards - The Dashboard

  • GANTT analysis of failed jobs

  • Detailed analysis of job's runs

  • What was changed in a job? (storytelling)

  • Detailed analysis of job's steps

  • Detailed analysis of job's variants

  • Detailed analysis of elongated jobs

  • Top 20 most long running jobs