Communication Interfaces and Printing Alert Functions

Communication and Interfaces Alert Package

Skywind 4C™ Monitoring and Analytical Platform, contains substantial number of alerts, capable of track and alert on a wider range of business and technical events. Communication and Interfaces Alert Package consists of 34 Best Practice , Out-Of-The-Box Alert Instances. Alerts are divided into 7 Sub Categories, allowing to track inconsistencies in the following areas:

 EDI / Email / Fax / IDOC’s / RFC’s / XI-PI / Other


Printing Alert Package

Usage of NAST table allowed to create extensive Printing Alert Package which consists of 19 Best Practice Out-Of-The-Box Alert Instances. Printing package alerts belong to one category but the purposes of alerts are different – part of alerts are dedicated to control the overall SAP printing state in organizations, while others are tracking business related documents.

Most of the Printing alerts can send notifications dynamically to the person/s, who initiated the printing process, informing her/him about the failure – no need to specify the predefined recipients.

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