Analyze what happened to critical jobs. Monitor and control job’s anomalies.


Skywind JAM™  – a SaaS  service that analyzes SAP background jobs was created to help SAP Basis teams to facilitate their daily routines, having an eagle vision of trends and problems, while performing quick root-cause analysis, provided by Skywind JAM™ Augmented Analytics Engine.


Basis teams are the busiest in business. By using Skywind JAM™ Anomalies Storytelling Engine, Basis experts will be able to observe any changes, made to a job. By applying sophisticated filters, one can quickly construct his/her own Anomalies Map, which will collect, analyze and present any changes, happened to a job in a form of story. The changes presented can not be merely fetched from SAP systems as they are the result of special Skywind JAM™ data processing, which compares and analyzes multiple job’s snapshots. Skywind JAM™ Anomalies Storytelling Engine repository contains more than 30 KPI’s and constantly evolving, adding more KPI’s to choose from.


So on what questions can Skywind JAM™ Anomalies Engine answer?

  • What jobs are failing multiple times in a row over and over again and why?
  • What changes have been made to some critical jobs and  what it cased?
  • Which jobs were permanently deleted from the SAP system/s?
  • What jobs run longer and  longer over time?
  • Which jobs are constantly delayed and why?
  • Who and when updated which jobs?

 …and much more…


Below we present examples of JAM™ Anomalies screens and how to use them:




Skywind JAM™  Anomalies Map

Anomalies are critical changes, made to a job. Anomalies calculated by JAM’s Enhanced Analytics engine. You can construct your own anomalies map in seconds by choosing appropriate types from Anomalies repository:

  • Choose your anomaly types

  • Observe anomalies map

  • Observe anomaly’s details – see what happened

  • Look at the summary of all anomalies for a job

  • Save anomalies dashboard as Variant

  • Share anomalies dashboard with other users