System and Basis Alert Functions


Skywind 4C™ provides contextual, real-time insights for System and Basis, helping to distinguish the signals from the noise. Having more than 60 Basis checks 4C™ SAP® Basis alert pack allows Basis teams to save time on daily maintenance routines and housekeeping, getting operative control and analytical insights.

Core Basis Processes Monitoring
  1. System Dumps (ST22)
  2. Failed/Canceled Jobs (SM37)
  3. Background Jobs Control (SM37)
  4. System Dumps Anomalies – Counter (ST22)
  5. Background Jobs Anomalies – Counter (SM37)
  6. Application Locks (SM12)
  7. Application Locks Anomalies – Counter (SM12)
  8. Update Requests (SM13)
  9. Update Requests Anomalies – Counter (SM13)
  10. Print Spool Control (SP01)
  11. Certificate state in STRUST
  12. Batch Input Monitoring
  13. SAP system was opened
  14. Transport Details (e.g. sensitive objects were added to the Transport)
  15. Released Transports Statuses
  16. Work Process Overview (SM50)
  17. Global Work Process Overview (SM66)
  18. Application Log Analysis
Interfaces and Communications Monitoring
  1. IDOCs State
  2. IDOCs Anomalies – Counter
  3. Logistics Queue Overview (LBWQ)
  4. Messages Statuses in NAST
  5. qRFC – Inbound
  6. qRFC – Outbound
  7. Check RFC destination (ping RFC connection)
  8. RFC State
  9. TRFC Monitoring
  10. Send Requests Anomalies – Counter (SOST)
  11. Send Requests (SOST)
Databases and Tables Monitoring
  1. Control DBTABLOG Table
  2. Oracle Tablespaces Analysis
  3. Table’s Records Count (with Conditions)
  4. Tables’ Records Count (for multiple tables)
  5. Comparison of Tables Content (left/right/full Outer Joins)
  6. Check Table/View Content
  7. Check Microsoft SQL Server DB Size
  8. MSS – Last DB Check
Files Monitoring
  1. System Files Control
  2. FTP Files Control
  3. Free Disk Space Checks
User Activities Monitoring
  1. User Creators Control
  2. User Authorization Issue (SU53)
  3. User Authorization Last Issue (SU53)
  4. User Profile Control
  5. List of Inactive users
  6. List of Locked Users
  7. List of Logged On Users (AL08)
  8. User Password State
  9. Users who entered wrong password (X times)
  10. User List (SM04)