Identify unused BW Aggregates

With the help of 4C™ SAP® BW alert pack you can identify InfoCubes, backed up by Aggregates. Aggregates allow quick access to InfoCube data during reporting. Similar to database indexes, they serve to improve performance. However, there are numerous cases in which reports that previously accessed Aggregates have stopped using them. It can happen if, for example, the report was changed or if the structure of Aggregate itself was altered, resulting in deteriorated query performance. 4C™ SAP® BW alert pack identifies and alerts on such cases. In example below, there is an alert, presenting the list of the InfoCubes with the last Aggregation call. You can clearly see from report, which Aggregates are not being accessed or were used long time ago. Such Aggregates are potential candidates for further investigation. Working with dozens of BW clients, while using 4C™ SAP® BW alerts we identify such cases, allowing to save database space and improve query performance.

Full list of SAP® BW alert functions